Pro Auction works closely with our clients and provides a high quality service based on sophisticated proven technologies and specialist staff.

Auctions attract buyers from all corners of the world. Our average auction with boasts buyers from over 74 countries.


Our Unreserved Policy attracts genuine buyers as opposed to Reserved Auctions, which deter buyers operating within a budget.


We provide access to a global database of thousands of online customers. Buyers can bid, in real-time, during any of our sales. It is a free Internet Bidding Service we provide, and it accounts for over 70% of sales on average at each auction. With so many interested customers, you can be confident your assets will fetch true global market value.


Advertising can be a tricky affair, especially when managed across multiple countries. With us, each Auction is expertly marketed and all Lots are advertised to the relevant audience in trade journals and magazines and also on relevant various websites. We do not just focus on local or national buyers, our extensive knowledge of the industry ensures your assets are advertised in global markets where demand is highest. Auction brochures are issued to thousands of Buyers in over 75 countries and all assets appear on our website, creating optimum demand for all Lots on sale.