There are many available routes for generating value from existing assets, but what makes auction the best of these? We have compiled a few of the top reasons clients prefer this sales channel.

There is no faster way of selling! You will likely to bank the proceeds of your sale within 8-10 weeks from going to market.


Auction gives you a greater likelihood of selling your assets than by private treaty. In recent sales Pro Auction has sold around 98.5% of the lots offered at the original auction and then completed the clearance by use of timed sale events.


When the hammer comes down the buyer is legally committed and can’t change his mind. The buyer is responsible for the insurance of the lot at the fall of the hammer and must comply with strict conditions about the removal and collection of the items purchased.


Your assets will be advertised intensively in the trade press and sent out to a targeted database of local, regional and international buyers. Your assets will be featured in our high quality catalogues; which are mailed and emailed to thousands of interested buyers and extensively promoted on the web. We offer a full marketing mix which is tailored to specific markets and to the clients requirement.


Our aim is to generate interest from two or more prospective buyers and to encourage them to bid against each other in the auction room. The process of competitive bidding helps your assets to achieve ‘best price’ on the day.

Sometimes buyers are so anxious to acquire a lots that they will put in a very strong pre-auction offer – if in our view that figure is unlikely to be reached or surpassed in the Auction Room, we will recommend its acceptance under auction rules, and with a condition that contracts are exchanged in advance of Auction Day. In addition we can construct pre-auction VIP sales ensuring our clients loyal customers feel special and rewarded.